Wyo Brook Trout Pattern Candle

Wyo Brook Trout Pattern Candle

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Brook Trout

Poured in hand drawn and screen printed rocks glass jars! Get a candle and a solid glass to use after you burn the candle! After you've enjoyed the heck out of burning your candle, clean it out with warm soapy water and repurpose as a drinking glass. 


> A room filling Wyoming scent with notes of fir and pine.


8.6 oz (243g) soy blend candle
> Each candle is hand poured and created, so colors may vary slightly from photos
> Hand poured in Wyoming, glass printed in the USA

> Phthalate free
> Trout pattern is screen printed onto each glass and will last through many washings. Hand washing will prolong the life of the print.
> Each come with matching metal lid.
> Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4" after each burn for best results.
> Print on glass has a 3/4-1" gap but otherwise is printed all the way around the glass.


The brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) or "brookie" as they are sometimes called are a species of freshwater fish featuring very distinctive and beautiful colors and patterns that are showcased in this bracelet. 

Dark greenish brown on the top flanks, with a distinctive marbled worn-like pattern of lighter shades across the flanks and back and often to the tail. A sprinkling of red spots, surrounded by blue halos, occurs along the flanks. The belly and lower fins are reddish in color and the lower fins are accented with white tips. Often, the belly, particularly of the males, becomes very red or orange when the fish are spawning.

For many of us it’s one of our favorite fish to catch and conjures up memories of warm summer days in the mountains. 

Where to find them: In small lakes and streams above 10,000 feet and in some lower elevation locations.

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