Fly Fish Wyoming Coffee

Fly Fish Wyoming Coffee

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Get ready for those early mornings on the river or late nights by the campfire, trading stories about the one that got away with our Fly Fish Wyoming coffee! Available in three distinct roast levels, each boasting its own unique flavor. Expertly roasted in the USA.

Cutthroat Coffee

Origin - South America
Roast Level - French/Dark
Tasting Notes - Bittersweet, Chocolate, Toasty
Beans - GROUND

Our Cutthroat Blend draws inspiration from brisk mornings by the river and the captivating tales spun around crackling campfires about the elusive catch. If you crave coffee that exudes robust character and intense flavors, then look no further. This deep, French roast offers a tantalizing blend of bittersweet undertones and toasty notes, culminating in a decadent finish reminiscent of rich cocoa and toasted nuts. Sourced meticulously from South America and expertly roasted in the USA, this blend is ideally suited for brewing in your drip coffee maker, French press, or percolator.

Rainbow Coffee

Origin - Central America
Roast Level - Medium
Tasting Notes - Toffee, Dark Chocolate, Citrus
Beans - GROUND

Introducing the Rainbow Trout blend, your new go-to for a daily dose of revitalization! A beloved choice among enthusiasts, this coffee boasts tantalizing notes of toffee, dark chocolate, and citrus—a delightful concoction guaranteed to invigorate your day and adorn your face with a caffeinated grin! Hailing from the verdant landscapes of Central America, it's tailor-made for brewing in your drip coffee maker, pour-over, French press, or even as a refreshing cold brew.

Brook Coffee

Origin - Single Origin, Colombia
Roast Level - Light/Medium Roast
Tasting Notes - Mellow, Savory, Cocoa
Beans - GROUND

Get ready to be captivated by the Brook Trout! This Colombia single origin is a true delight for coffee enthusiasts, presenting a light-medium roast that delivers a smooth and savory experience complemented by a hint of sweetness and crisp acidity. Indulge in flavor notes of cooked honeydew and cocoa, sourced directly from the heart of South America and expertly roasted in the US. 

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