What the heck is Fly Fish Wyoming?

We recently had a booth at our local Third Thursday event in beautiful historic downtown Sheridan, Wyoming and got this question a lot. While I thought I knew the answer it somehow took me off guard as it really isn't a completely defined concept. Although the driving force and mission will be the same, we know that we will evolve and change as we grow and are open to all that may come with that. 

The basis is pretty simple. We love fly fishing and we love Wyoming. Our love of fly fishing has grown over the years into a passion we couldn't ignore. We wanted to put out some great apparel that honors both of these loves. We know so many love this great state and also share in the love of fly fishing.

There was a pretty big span of life fairly recently when I didn't fly fish at all (gasp!). We were busy with two little busy boys and ya'll we were tired! I admire so much those people I see with their littles in a backpack on the river. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that...again with the tired. lol! Our kids are a little older now and we are carving out more and more time to get on the river with them (and some without). We know there will come a day we have no one to take to practice, coach in sports, cook dinner for, wake up for school and so for right now we fit in fishing while we can. Some months admitedly it isn't very much as our kids seem to be in every sport there is! However, our passion for it never wains, it just is different throughout the year.

As a graphic designer I always have ideas swirling in my head for designs and want to consistently put out new designs, new collaborations with local artisans and hopefully a class or two locally! A big facet of this business is wanting to offer women's products and classes. It can be an intimidating sport to learn and want to provide opportunities to ease this in a fun and authentic environment. 

Do we have a storefront? At this time no we don't. We are exploring our options for offering wholesale opportunities while also working to gain traction online. We do however have an AWESOME local retailer who ships all our orders for us 5 days a week and we are so happy to provide FREE local pickup on all orders. Cassie the fulfillment gal is the best and fast!

We don't exactly know where this company will take us. The basis will stay the same in that we want to provide authenticity in what we do, offer great Wyoming products and connect with those who have similar passions. 

We hope you'll join us in the journey along the way and follow us on social media!

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